Role-Based Taxonomy in Managing Information

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What is taxonomy? According to Wikipedia, it is the practice and science of classification. And here is what I want to share with you about how you can manage your notes and documents with role as the main classification.

The idea came when I was trying to restructuring my blog Reason-4-Smile to cater with my variety of interest. I’m sharing more than just for introverts, and hence I was looking for a new theme and a new classification for my articles. I eventually came out with 4 categories, the leader, the human, the engineer, and the blogger. Over there it’s more than just a role, it was the personality as well, courageous leader, humble human, meticulous engineer, and marketing blogger.

Managing your documents

That does not end there, I started to organize my documents in my Mac accordingly as well. As you might have guessed, I am using the four roles again. The engineer includes work I have done in the past, and many materials and e-books on IT and technical stuffs. The human includes all from fun, dvd projects, and transactions that I just need to keep for reference sake. The leader includes career opportunity and toastmaster stuffs. Finall, the blogger includes all my articles, pictures, affiliations, things that are related to my blogging journey.

You might have noticed also that I added two folders,I have two additional roles, those are the student (especially for my KM study) and the freelancer (documents related to clients I have right now and in the future).

Managing your notes

Let me introduce you with Evernote (if you don’t know about it yet). A free note-taking application that you can use widely acrosss PC, Mac, blackberry, and iPhone. You can take note from pictures, webs, emails, audios, and many more.

The application comes with both notebooks (something like folders) and tags to help you organize and find your notes better. And this time, again I’m using role-based taxonomy as the how I want to classify my notes.

Initially I came up with lots of roles as notebooks to help me classify my notes. The list was really big, that I thought that it will be much better if I have secretary to help me find things that I need. Unfortunately I can’t afford one right now, so what I’ll have to do is to keep a list of secretary roles/tasks, and put several roles into hers, virtually.

The line might not be so clear to you, but I simply differentiate them between the one that I thought of as references, I’ll choose to delegate if I can, and the one that I’ll do and keep it to myself.

Of course, with role based taxonomy, you can even have more roles into that, even to the point that you have your own company or organization with different people set up in your notes.

Managing your to-do list

Role-based taxonomy was built-in into one to-do-list application in Mac called Things from Culture Code. Besides the classification of to-do list into timeline and projects, it also classifies their tasks into areas of responsibility, or practically roles. I guess this could be something that I really like from Things. It’s not free but it’s really easy to use, and even more it could be integrated or synced to your iPhone.

Do check out the applications I listed above, hope you have more organized life, a better life to manage all the information that is coming to you.

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