What is KM or Knowledge Management?

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Knowledge Management

KM is not about managing books

I picked up a new interest, it’s KM or Knowledge Management. I am taking my Master study in that area and I’m going to write much more about the area.

Still, you might be wondering, what is Knowledge Management? You can choose between the longer and the shorter definition I give below.

Let’s go with the longer one first, taken from my lecture notes, quoted from the experts in Knowledge Management…

Any process or practice of creating, acquiring, capturing, sharing and using knowledge, wherever it resides, to enhance learning and performance in organizations.
(Swan et al., Journal of Knowledge Management)

There is another definition from another expert, David Skyrme. David Skyrme is a strategic analyst and management consultant specializing in the practical application of knowledge in organizations. From his point of view, KM is…

The explicit and systematic management of vital knowledge and its associated processes of creating, gathering, organizing, diffusion, use and exploitation, in pursuit of organizational objectives.
(David Skyrme)

Thank God, my lecturer, Mr. Kan Siew Ning give us a much shorter definition of Knowledge Management. Briefly there are 3 points in Knowledge Management or KM

  • Connecting people with people
  • Connecting people with information
  • To drive business/organization results

Your personal knowledge manager

I think the last point is arguable. Is that really true that KM only applicable for business or organization? What if it is also useful for personal or individual? In this blog, I want to share not only how KM can be useful for businesses, but also for personal and individual. It is Knowledge Management for Life, managing knowledge for a better life.

Besides sharing my thought through this blog, I would like to become personal knowledge management consultant as well. If you know personal trainer, it is the equivalence. Not to build your muscle, but to build your capacity especially in handling knowledge or information overload problem. It could be for your life or your business life.

As I have 5 years experience in web and software development, I can go to the extent of providing personalized web/software solution to you. Contact me and let me know what you need! Email me to (km4life.com at gmail dot com) and I’ll be in touch. (Ya, you got it right, my email account is km4life.com, just like this domain).

For your success,

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