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Jun 25, 2009 by

Do you know what surprised me recently? It’s the number of my RSS subscribers. I couldn’t believe it that in two weeks after I re-launched the new theme, the subscribers number goes from below 200 to 253 the day I wrote this article.

I’ve secretly made a goal of reaching 200 subscribers by the end of last year. But as you know, I didn’t make it. The number is fluctuating around 180-190. It’s hardly increased, and new subscribers are almost always accompanied by other unsubscribed readers. So it’s indeed really surprised me that the number jumped so high. I even thought that it might have been some technical glitch, or changes in how Feedburner counts the subscribers.

What else surprised me? It’s the ‘churning’. I mentioned ‘churning’ during the theme re-launch a few weeks ago. It’s how I wanted to reduce the ‘quality’ to increase quantity and creativity. It really works.

I posted my recent articles earlier than usual. I’ve already scheduled the post one to two days earlier. It has never happened before. I’ve always rushed to finish my article on the day I’m publishing my article. This time I really made some difference. I’m less stressed and not rushed for the deadline. Instead of a burden, I found blogging as opportunity. Each post is an opportunity. What opportunity?

1. Opportunity for a table topic session

If you know Toastmasters, you should have known table topic. It’s the impromptu speech. With a random topic given, you have to give a short speech 1-2 minutes long. It’s a short speech, so it has to have opening, body, and conclusion.

More or less, it’s the way I wrote down most of my articles I wrote recently. With an instant topic at hand, I was trying to come out with a short article. It’s the room rearrangement, for example. Or how I spent my traveling time thinking of my next speech. It’s something I never thought that it can become an article by itself.

I must thank Scott H Young for the ‘churning’. In a way, it’s also a table topic practice for me. Of course I have more time in writing than giving a speech, but at least it’s getting faster for me to think and form my thought into words. Even more, organizing them into a useful message.

2. Opportunity to let go perfectionism

It’s the tendency I have, to come back at what I have written and edit. The motive behind is looking for perfection. Most of the articles I’m writing the past 1-2 weeks are those that I wrote not with my computer, but with pen and paper. It’s a new experience for me.

I used to write only the main points with pen and paper. But nowadays, I tried to push myself to write out the whole paragraph; exactly those I wanted to share with you in this blog. I still need to edit, but at least I edited less, and I tried to become more satisfied with what I have written.

Writing with pen and paper has its advantage. First, you write faster. Second, I can write anywhere. Often I write while traveling, hence I will have little distraction. And third, you don’t have much choice to edit what you have written. It’s exactly what I needed, to write more and edit less.

In a way, writing with pen and paper has taught me to let go perfectionism. I don’t have to be a perfect writer after all. In fact I can be human.

The minute you start being more of a person and less of a knowledgeable robot, the easier it will be for your audience to find you, trust you, and like you.
~Johnny Truant (Copyblogger) – The Real Secret to Becoming a Popular Blogger

3. Opportunity to tell story

Did you watch the movie Ghost of Girlfriends Past? I like the movie. It’s fun and it taught me something. It inspired me that love takes courage. I think I have known the principle all along, but there is one element that makes it more impressive, it’s the story.

I believe story can teach us better than mere principles. And yes, story-telling needs some skill and confidence. In Toastmasters, there is a project on story-telling. It’s quite an advanced project, and I seldom used it in my speech. At least for me, story-telling needs practice. And I do find that an article can become a story-telling project.

I have started telling you a bit of my story and my activities. In a way it also surprised me that I can put morale and inspiration that might be useful for you. While writing about them, I can also reflect on the decisions I took and be thankful for them. It’s rather important to me as I could be quite critical with my own decisions and mistakes. It may not be the perfect ones, but at the very least I can be happy with it, learn from them, see the future rather than the past.

Concluding thought

You can say I’m an opportunist.

I’m taking even the writing experience in this blog as opportunities to grow and stretch myself. You can say that the posts I recently wrote are speech-like articles. One with a short opening, few pointers of main message, and a closing thought. At least for now, I enjoy them as opportunities, to improve my thinking, expression, and story-telling skill.

Now it’s your turn, have you turned your mundane activities into something useful? Put some meaning, or maybe do something differently. Look at the other aspect of your life, and see if that can be helpful. Maybe there are some hidden opportunities waiting for you.

All the best,

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  1. It all depends on your attitude. Even making a pot of tea can be a very satisfying experience if your attitude towards that activity is one full of wanting to do a good job of it. The output then will be satisfying.

    In all walks of life we can take that attitude and also look for opportunities to learn.
    .-= Nicole Price´s last blog ..Weight Loss Pills and Supplements – Do You Need Them? =-.

  2. Hey Robert, thanks. Your writings have always been inspirational.

  3. Yes, thats quite right nicole. Attitude makes opportunity itself if it is seen positive for any activity.

  4. I agree that attitude makes opportunity, my dad used to always say “Attitude is everything” I think he was right heh.
    .-= Filipina Heart Blog´s last blog ..Remembering Michael Jackson – Inmates Perform Thriller =-.

  5. You are right that each post is a opportunity but i believe on quality instead of quantity. Its according to my thinking may be your thought is different on it. Because everybody has different mind and different thinking.
    .-= fourposter beds´s last blog ..The truth behind the demise of cabinet made furniture pt3 =-.

  6. I now do the same as you, I write a few posts in advance. However, technology is fast moving so I have to be on the look out for the latest news then quickly write a post.
    .-= Buy PSP Go´s last blog ..Sony Considered Second Analog Stick for PSP Go =-.

  7. Writing post is not such easy job. Every post must be “about something”, and writing about nothing not only has no sense but also it is impossible to interest anybody with nothing. I’m not interested in emptiness and I supposed there are not many people who are 🙂 So I must say this again: writing post is tough work, not for everybody but for people that know what they are doing with a goal to achieve. And also with talent to write 😉
    .-= Tipsy´s last blog ..Pazurki od Eweliny =-.

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