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A year ago, I’m writing with a theme for introvert. The tagline called “Turning limitation into advantages, helping introverts to be successful.” Time went on and I changed to another theme, “The happiness in success journey”. I switched because I felt that it’s an excuse for me to stay with limitations.

Yet, in the past one year, I’ve been secretly regretting the decision. A desire to share more related with introversion and limitation are still there. Maybe you can say that I want to be a friend for the weak. Things related with some limitation that is turned into something useful always attracts my attention.

Today, 8th of June 2009, I’m launching a new theme for Reason-4-Smile, a subject back to the Turning Limitation into Advantages. What limitation? Maybe it’s introversion, but I guess it’ll be more than that. Right now the one that changed is only the blog banner. I’ll still have more things to do for the rebranding, like my about page and twitter page.

The Consistency…

How about consistency? I guess it’s the big flaw of this blog and its writer =). I’ve not been very consistent in themes, for both web design and its content. Until recently I read about one article from Scott H Young (again) titled ‘Consistency is an Overrated Virtue‘. There are advantages in inconsistency, so I’ll just follow what my heart says right now. If there is something I want to be consistent of, it’s to grow, even if sometimes, that requires inconsistency.

A more worthwhile form of consistency is striving to be internally consistent. This is where your actions match your deeper values. This is the consistency which discipline, persistence and integrity are derived from.
~Scott H Young (Consistency is an Overrated Virtue)

The Commitment…

If you want to grow, observe not your greatest failure, but your most frequent failure. One that often troubled me is my tendency for perfection. I set my aim for a very high quality of article. And this… has always become a hurdle for me to generate more articles.

One moment, one inspiration, and it took me three to four days to make the article. It occupied my mind, it troubled me, it stopped me from learning and the worst, it made me unable to create more articles for this blog. So I want to create more, pardon me if some of them sounds garbage to you. But I believe it can unleash a better idea I have in mind.

The fastest way to increase your creative output is simply to lower your quality threshold. If you allow yourself to produce garbage, you’ll create a lot more. Churning is an excellent strategy for boosting output, especially when you get frequently stuck.
~Scott H Young (How to Increase Your Creative Output)

Two articles that influence me yesterday…

  • Consistency is an Overrated Virtue –
  • How to Increase Your Creative Output –

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  1. You have got it right by yourself. Listen to your heart and do what it tells you. The heart for creative people is called by various names like Muse, but keeping it simple and doing what comes instinctively to you will get your new theme going alright.

    Nicole Prices last blog post..Some Risqué and not so Risqué Gift Ideas

  2. Your changing themes show your journey. You outgrew your old theme and so has your blog. I am happy about that.

    One post of Scott which talks about this in a way

    Avanis last blog post..Following My Heart

  3. It might sound odd, but there is consistency in inconsistency. That is, if that something is known and prized for being inconsistent, then it is consistent. And its true that if you always strive for perfection, you’ll never be satisfied with what you wrote.


  4. Hi Nicole, Avani, and Randy. Thanks for the message.
    Yeah, this article might be the one I spent the least amount of time within the past one year. I’m trying a new habit of writing and so far I’m enjoying it. If i can keep it for a month or so I’ll share it in this blog.

    Enjoying blogging,

  5. Dearest Robert –

    It has been such a honor to be with you on your journey – as you have evolved -and dared to change along the way.

    Many of us have tried this – and even done it.

    You have the courage to admit it.

    Your friends and supporters – like me – are with you and eager to share your experiences.

    And are so proud of you.

  6. Hello Corinne, thank you so much! you’ve walked alongside in my blogging journey. Even though we are separated by distance, you’ve been a great companion. It’s my honor.
    All the best always!

  7. Hi Robert, I think introversion is a virtue rather than a limitation (but I suppose anything is a limitation in one way or another).

  8. Yup, Evan, one day I was asked to list out my strength and weaknesses. After a while I found out that my strength is my weakness, my weakness is my strength. I guess the best way is when we are not controlled by our strength/weakness, but how we can use them as they are needed.


    NB: I’m testing automatic email reply while commenting here. Can you help me to tell me if you get the reply? Thanks a lot!

  9. Good you not like excuse and very smartly you turning according to time, as you written facing trouble to product good article but don’t give up b’coz you having ability to produce extraordinary. we always need to keep in mind sentence of Scott H Young.

  10. I absolutely share the idea that the drawbacks are our merits,and weakness lives in the strength and they are two sides of one medal.
    .-= game-girl´s last blog ..Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD – римейк анонсирован =-.

  11. two sides of one medal… thanks for a good idiom. I take it as a medal that we can be proud about. Learning to take it as blessing rather than curse.


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