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I’m getting older. It was my second birthday in this year. As the human, I celebrated my 26th birthday last August. As the blogger, I celebrated my birthday again last September.

I started blogging 2 years ago. My first post is published on the 28th September 2006. It was a desperate moment and the blog was born with a quote that really touched me…

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.

And then… I stopped blogging for one full year. Only at the end of September 2007, I’m inspired by a friend, Darryl, to continue my own blog. I took a WordPress account and even, in the month of October 2007, I made the commitment to blog everyday. I managed to do it, with hard work. Most of the posts are short and as the blog grows, my post is getting longer.

November 2007, I moved my blog from to my own domain. To be exact it is 12 November 2007, the day when I got into the ‘corridor’. It will be the day that I will consider as the birthday of Reason-4-Smile Weblog.

My birthday present

I got a present last month. It is the second update I wanted to share with you. Alltop, all the top contents, featured me into his Lifehack list. That’s what the new image in the sidebar is all about. And now, you can read my blog, together with all the best Lifehack contents in the blogosphere, right from Alltop in magazine’s rack style.

From blogger to public speaker

Last August, I wrote an article From Blogging to Public Speaking. And last September, I made a step towards it. I took courage to join Toastmasters. It’s still a long journey to become a competent communicator, but I have taken a courageous step. I have completed 2 projects that I want to share with you from my YouTube here. At the bottom of this article is my 2nd project. The title is For a Best Friend. You will need to do some neck exercise to watch it properly =); thanks to my great friend Colin who helps me with the video. You can see my first project with a very similar opening and theme here.

And blogging is really advantageous to public speaking. And as I mentioned earlier, it is the habit to flow with your message. It is the habit in organizing the thoughts and makes it interesting to the audience, whether it’s the reader or listener. What I really learn to do is to be confident and talk it out to the public.

And I am graduated

Last month I also shared about the program that I joined: The Courage to Create from ECI. I was graduated from the program last Tuesday and really encouraged by it to start living my life. My project theme was about being a better man. From the experience I learned much more about myself that I even amazed of what I can do. I became an emcee in the graduation party, attended by around 80 people. And I really enjoyed them, it was a great fun and experience, and I managed to make my audience laugh, a lot! Something that I’ve never thought I could.

Joining Toastmaster is one of the project I completed, together with cycling and swimming (I just started learning them). While my swimming is still in the progress, I made a good progress with my cycling. Something that I doubted about myself all these time.

And now I’m considering involving more with ECI, most likely as a life coach apprentice with them. It’s a great community, and I will also have opportunity to learn about myself and coach other people.

For now, those are my personal updates. Those are the context from which you may listen more about my success journey and what I learn from them in the future. And last but not least, I really thank all of you, who have read or subscribed to Reason-4-Smile. These are the lessons from a humble journey, while searching for happiness in success journey.

For your happiness and success,

And now, here is the video. If you’re familiar with Toastmasters, feel free to share with me your experience or evaluation comment. If you can’t watch it here, please go to: For A Best Friend. The first sentence is missing from the video…: Let me tell you about my very first best friend….
Thank you!

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  1. Heya Robert!

    This is a very inspiring and touching message that you’ve made! Thank goodness someone recorded it down which allowed you to share with all of us. 🙂

    Hope to hear you speak more yeah!


  2. Hi Robert,

    It sounds like you have had a full on year. And it sounds like things are going great for you.

    Wishing you every possible success on your birthday. Evan

    Evans last blog post..Blogs for Healing and Self-Development

  3. Hi Robert,

    Happy Birthday to Reason-4-Smile! I enjoyed your video (even though I had to tilt my head to watch it for the first 2 minutes, LOL!), thanks for sharing this. If it makes you feel any better, I’m more than a decade older than you and I still can’t cycle! It’s still on my to-do list … I did learn how to rollerblade about 2 years ago though. 🙂

    The quote that triggered you to start your blog is absolutely beautiful. Keep smiling!

    Irene | Light Beckonss last blog post..Natalie Fights Back

  4. Robert A.

    @Daniel, thanks a lot man! Will let you know when I speak again =)
    @Evan, thanks for the greeting! Hope things are going great for you too! Especially with your membership site launch!
    @Irene, thanks for enjoying my video, i guess you’ve got a good neck exercise =) By the way, a friend told me that there is cycling coach in Singapore. Maximum 6 hours, guaranteed that you’ll be able to cycle without falling. Price is around 180S$, Let me know if you’re interested so I can email you!

    Wish you guys the best!

  5. Robert – Happy Blog Birthday!!

    I tried watching your Toastmasters video but it reminded me of the time I was in Toastmasters and suffered from such panic attacks that I actually had to quit the club – they got tired of me always being the “timer” and never speaking. Anyway, I started to get panicky again just watching your video, how silly is that!!

    If you get a chance to post your speech in text form, I am sure I would enjoy reading it!

    Best of luck,


    Annie Binnss last blog post..A Flattering of the Passions

  6. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Blog Birthday to you Robert!

    I can’t wait to celebrate my blogs first birthday and reflect on the past year, it’s a while off yet though.

    Danny Coopers last blog post..Top 10 Link Building Blogs of 2008!

  7. Robert A.

    @Annie, thanks for the wishes. I’m really surprised that you’ve ever got panic attack from public speaking. I’m also working on my stage freight, I believe ignoring what people will think hearing our message will help, don’t you think so? Speak as it is to yourself.
    Thanks again for sharing your experience.

    @Danny, great to know you. Welcome to Reason-4-Smile and thanks for the birthday song (I imagined you’re singing that first sentence =D). I checked your blog and it seems to grow very well in such a short time. Congratz for that, Danny!

    Wish you all the best!

  8. There are things that fade away with age, but experience won’t.

    blackzero85s last blog post..Firefox Addon Review: Speed Dial

  9. cat

    Good to you man looks like everything is going OK keep on doing like that

  10. This point is a valid one to make as the transition from writing to many to speaking to many is not as large as a transition from not writing to many. Joining Toastmasters, as opposed to talking about joining it, is a pivotal step that you won’t forget that you took. The difference between talking about an action and doing it is as big as the difference between an unsuccessful person and a successful person.

    Armen Shirvanians last blog post..Leading By Example – Guest Post

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