Eight reminders in overcoming greediness

May 30, 2008 by

Greedy as a pig… I read that metaphor while preparing this message. You may wonder why pigs are used to represent gluttony a lot of times. Here is the explanation taken from Wikipedia…

Pigs are omnivores, which mean that they consume both plants and animals. Pigs will scavenge and have been known to eat any kind of food, including dead insects, worms, tree bark, rotting carcasses, garbage, and even other pigs. In the wild, they are foraging animals, primarily eating leaves and grasses, roots, fruits and flowers. Occasionally, in captivity, pigs may eat their own young, often if they become severely stressed.
~Pig @ Wikipedia

Scary, isn’t it? Not only plants and animals, pig eats everything, even carcasses and garbage, not to mention the other pigs and even their own young. Isn’t it scary how greediness can bring you?…

The “greedy” within me
I shared before in one of my 7 flaws, one of them is this greedy. Recently, I’m tempted very much with this greedy personality again, let’s call it the “greedy”. This “greedy” wanted to do everything. He wanted to be everything that catches his attention.  This “greedy” dream big, but this “greedy” is not patient. This “greedy” does not appreciate the limitation he has right now. The “greedy” desires to have more time, more money, more knowledge, and many more other things. That is the only condition that he thought how his dream can be achieved.

The “greedy” is also insecure, it consistently comparing himself to the friends he meet. He wanted to be anyone that he sees, and that is why he is overloaded with dreams. The “greedy” is not happy when the people around him advanced beyond him. He is worried when others start living his dream and he is worried that his life will be left behind. He secretly desired for others to fail so he can look good. Isn’t it scary when we consider the evil within us?….

Do you have the “greedy” as well?

Let me ask you, do you have this “greedy” inside you as well?

It’s tough to live with greediness. One symptom is the time you are overloaded with dreams, beyond your capacity and capabilities. It’s difficult as well to maintain that kind of lifestyle. You are limited and you need to accept both the good and the bad in you.

What I’m going to share with you is the following eight quotes, as it reminds me to overcome my “greedy”, hopefully they will also help you to overcome your “greedy”.

1. Play your own cards well!

Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.
~Josh Billings via Lyved

Don’t consider the cards you have as limitations. Consider it as the best that you have, and use it to play your life well. Life is not always about having the best in life. Life is about winning with your limitation. This is the best game that you can play with whatever you have.

2. Think journey!

Do not think hierarchy, think journey.
~Brian Kim

Stop comparing and focus on your journey. Have a goal and set your eyes on them, do not think hierarchy, and do not be afraid even if other people overtake you. Have the abundance attitude! It is the secret of giving, at the same time it is the belief that the very goal you are aiming is not scarce. Other people’s success does not mean that your probability of success is lesser. In fact, helping other people to be successful is a way to success. And you don’t have to be anyone else to be successful.

3. Let seasons of life balance your life!

The point is that in the overall scheme of things, the seasons of life will balance each other out if you’re staying true to yourself.
~Clay Collins (Life balance and insanity @ The Growing Life)

Clay is sharing a very different perspective about balance. Many times we excuse greediness for balance… We wanted to do everything we know that it is needed to make sure that our life gets balanced. It is practically the sign when you’re getting overwhelmed by your greed.

It is also one reason why Clay is suggesting to immerse ourselves in the season of life we are in. Staying true to yourself involves being the best of who you are today, and work on whatever areas of responsibility you are currently in. Sometimes you simply have to forget another aspect of your life. In the end, season of life will eventually balance each other. That is the life transition that we need to master.

4. Stop thinking about yourself!

If you want to be happy, stop thinking about yourself
~Joyce Meyer

Most of the time, we wanted to add more simply because of our ego. Even if it is not our own glory and fame, we may excuse our greediness with dream and vision that is seemingly for the best of others, where eventually it is for ourselves, to feel good, to look good, or to be comfortable.

The other extreme of looking at ourselves is looking at our limitations and weaknesses. Feeling lacking in a way is good for your hunger to learn and grow, but sometimes it makes you greedy. It is the feeling that you have to get better, you have to change and you have to grow. And the side effect is the time you are forgetting your responsibility right now.

Sometimes, it is not about you getting better, it’s not about the perfect you that you should have. Sometimes it’s about how you can serve your responsibility now, with whatever limitation you have. Again, consider what you really need to get done today, what is your responsibility today, without even thinking of the tomorrow’s matter.

5. Be patient!

At times emerging leaders limit their future possibilities by their impatience.
~Henry and Richard Blackaby (Called to be God’s Leader: Lessons from the life of Joshua)

It’s one of the three secrets of limitless possibilities. Sometimes what we really need is just patience. Progress is good, but sometimes progress is too fast that you forget that you need to catch up with your progress. Despite of all of your big dream and vision, we all need to develop our character to receive and achieve it. Development always takes time and it is not overnight. Otherwise, it will only be an over-sized gift for you, a gift/achievement that is too big for the kind of character you have.

6. Don’t worry!

Worrying is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.
~Unknown via Lyved

Rocking Chair
Creative Commons License photo credit: ktylerconk

Worrying gives you things to do, lots of them.

It is the symptom when you start feeling your dream is hard to achieve. It is the mindset that you always do not have enough. It is the beginning of the searching of things/knowledge to overcome your worry. And truly, worry makes you restless.

Worrying is a waste of time. Instead of getting busy moving with the rocking chair, get relax with the rocking chair.

It is the comfort with uncertainty as Eckhart Tolle shared. It takes time to relax and give yourself a break from worrying and restless effort! If you believe in God, there is a point where human effort ends, and the point you need to surrender to God. Take times to relax.

7. Define what you are not!

We must be able to say what is “not me” in order to have a “me”.
~Dr. Henry Cloud (Changes That Heal)

When talking about boundary, Dr. Henry also talks about what you are not. That is what called as negative acknowledgment. It’s very helpful to set the boundary of what you want to do with your life. It will warn you not to extend your commitment beyond who you are, the priority and the responsibility you have right now.

8. Enjoy the process!

Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die tomorrow!
~James Dean

Why am I sharing the above quote to talk about enjoying the process? Living forever does mean that you have a big dream. However, from another point of view, living forever also means that you have no deadline. You can  simply enjoy the process. Even more when you live as if you will die tomorrow, you will do the best you can do today. Let us just concern ourselves with the today’s matters, not tomorrow nor yesterday.

Brick walls are there for a reason: they let us know how badly we want things.
~Randy Pausch (The last lecture)

Oops… Did I just give you another reminder? Okay, consider it as a bonus reminder. A reminder that the limitations you have are advantages. Something that you need to learn to stay with while overcoming it. Enjoy the process, and you will be successful. It’s a success, uniquely yours!

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For your success,

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  1. Hi Robert,

    I just have to tell you I love your articles. This one both made me smile and to think. Do I have a greedy pig inside of me? Well yes, funny enough around food. But I am greedy for other things, acknowledgment, gratitude, recognition. I have improved. I am more accepting, more aware of letting things happen not trying to force them and I have learned the difference between a goal and the dream.

    Thanks for your awesome work.

    The SunShine Guy


    Nick Grimshawes last blog post..Oxygen for the Soul: A Quote by Linda Solegato

  2. “Other people’s success does not mean that your probability of success is lesser.”

    Great line Robert. I think we get into the line of thinking that other people’s success means our failure. There’s no reason why we can’t have win-win. Thanks for a nice article.

    Al at 7Ps last blog post..Work Smarter, Not Harder: The Min-Max Rule

  3. Robert,

    I’m proud of the depth of maturity and knowledge about personal development you’ve gained in such a young age. You’re destined to succeed in whatever you’ll do in life.

    I’ve stumbled your post.


    Shilpan | successsoul.coms last blog post..How I Transformed My Life with These 5 Simple Thoughts

  4. Robert A.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, can you explain more what do you see the difference between goal and dream?

    Thanks for the comment, it’s also something that often troubles me when people overtake me, or getting more successful than me. It’s our nature of comparing to one another. Let’s change! =)

    Thank you for such a belief in me! I still have lots of things to improve, but I’ll choose to agree and believe in what you said. Thanks for having such a faith in me.

    Thanks everyone!

  5. Hey Robert!

    Great that you’ve pointed out lots of stuffs related about greed and how you have defined greed in a detailed manner.

    Worrying is sure a time waster! – This is one part that stood out among the rest of the main points you have here. 🙂

    Stumbled and thanks for sharing. 🙂


  6. Hey Robert,

    Thanks for sharing those quotes. I enjoy them very much. 🙂

    Raymond Chuas last blog post..The Most Expensive Advice

  7. I had decided to savor the full story before commenting. You have written very well about a human frailty which is causing all kinds of problems to mankind in general. A small portion of mankind is making use of the major portion of natural resources available and this is likely to cause major upheavals sooner or later. It now appears that it will be sooner.

    The well off have to decide to be more humane and less greedy. Your post is a timely reminder.

    Nicole Prices last blog post..Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  8. Robert A.

    Hi Nicole, thank you so much for another compliment you made. Really glad to know that somehow this article has inspired you anything. Sometimes we just need to be thankful with what we have, enjoying where we’re at in the journey of where we’re going to be!


  9. You are welcome!

    Nicole Prices last blog post..Watches: Discounts and Novelties

  10. haha , yes you have to avoid being greedy at all costs 😛


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