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May 24, 2008 by

Last month I started a project called Reason-4-Smile Our Friends. It is a project where you got to mention at least 7 of your friends, and each of their unique attribute. It also requests you to assign a title for each one of them as well; it can be saint, heroes, X-Men, or many others.

The project gets only one person participating, Romele; so… all the prizes will go to him.
Here is his post at his blog, mentioning the 7 friends he has:

My patron saints and villains

Quoted from his post…

No man can be happy without a friend, nor be sure of his friend till he is unhappy.
~Thomas Fuller

My related articles:

  • 12 ways you can become a great friend
    The 12 different ways my friends have touched my life. From them, you will learn many different ways you can become a great friend.
  • 5 simple things to appreciate your friend
    The 5 little things you can do to appreciate your friends, all their strengths and uniqueness, which includes their weirdness. =)
  • Let’s have disagreement
    Disagreement; what is so good about it? Here is a lesson from an ostrich about disagreement. Disagreement cannot always be avoided, we need to embrace and master them instead.

From all the articles above, you will learn that disagreement and differences are parts and puzzles of friendship. The important point is to look into one another’s strengths and similarities instead of weaknesses and differences.

Even though this project is considerably not successful in terms of participants, hopefully you gain a good deal of lessons on friendship and appreciating your friends! Check out the above articles to learn more.

Any feedback on the project? Please let me know and share in the comments.
In this opportunity, I’d like to thank Jacob Share as well. His blog, Group Writing Project, helps us to publicize our projects and the submission is very easy!
Meanwhile, congratulation to Romele!

For your success,

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  1. Thanks for mentioning the site, Robert.

    I would have liked to see you get many more entries in your first project. The important thing is to keep trying, and improve with the lessons you learn. For example, try a simpler theme next time.

    Congratulations, Rome!

    Jacob from Group Writing Projectss last blog post..Wifely Steps 5-Year Anniversary Group Writing Project

  2. Thanks jacob…

    And Dear Robert …am extremely sorry for not getting back sooner. I had logged into the entrecard umpteen number of times. Well, all i get about the Ad card is way above the size you have mentioned. I am totally novice with the entrecard thing – though I am gettin a little bit of it now.
    Where are my credits anyway? — kidding 🙂

    I hope you can take out a little bit of time and let me know how to send you the ad.


  3. Thanks Robert.

    Got the Credits… 🙂
    I shall soon come up with the Ad.

    romes last blog post..Why Blogging is better than Orkuting


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