The three secrets to limitless possibilities

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What do you dream of? Is that successful career, business, financial, marriage, relationship, or many others? It is easy to dream, but do you know what it takes to reach them? We can do all thing, is that true? We can reach our dream and vision, is that also true? All of us dream of limitless possibilities, but have we started with all of what we have now? Success begins today, that’s how John Richardson put it with the title of his blog.

The best time to plant a tree is 25 years ago; the second best time is now.
~John C. Maxwell

I read a book on the lessons from the life of Joshua, a character in the Christian bible. The book is titled Called to be God’s Leader. The first chapter in the book is titled Unlimited Possibilities. It caught my attention. It sounds great and I believe it is something we all dream about. If only we can take away our limitation and becoming what we dream of. Yet, the process is not easy, Joshua started as a son of a slave, he was not much educated in many ways, he was not charismatic, yet eventually he became a leader of a nation.

What is the secret? The secret is in the process. It takes three ingredients and that’s what I’m going to share with you in this article.


When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.
~Eckhart Tolle (The New Earth)

They are both influential authors, they both have different background and belief, but I am surprised that both of them have the same insights on the importance of adventure. Those are Joel Osteen and Eckhart Tolle.

Broaden your life

Joel Osteen is a Christian speaker, I enjoyed listening to his free Podcast very much, and his latest message shared about broadening your life. The message brought a lot of questions to my life. How do we live our life, is our life boring and keep on repeated on the same kind of activities again and again? Do you have only one particular kind of friends? Do you always talk about the same topic, go to the same place, eat the same thing?

It is the life of comfort zone. Even blogging that initially a discomfort zone, could be a comfort zone for me right now. Once it becomes your routine and you’re doing it again and again, it becomes a certainty. Even worse, it can be a place for us to hide from opportunities in our life. That is the time when we need a broaden life to grow to the next step.

Eckhart Tolle, on the other hand is very much in modern spirituality and he valued consciousness very much, even above God. I disagree with him on many things, but at the same time I learned a lot of things from him. One of the insights is the quote above. It was shared during the conversation between Oprah, Eckhart, and Ivy in their discussion on chapter 9 of The New Earth book, Finding Your Inner Purpose. Ivy is a 26-year old reader, who is raising a question on finding her career path and life purpose.

Mistakes are necessary
Having the same age as Ivy, I experienced the same struggle, uncertainty with my career, my future and what I want to do with my life. And Oprah really encourages me, twenty something is my time to explore. It’s the time to make mistakes, exploring and finding what works and doesn’t work for you. I listened to the conversation just after I finished writing my latest message on exploration, and it really encourages me.

John Hull in his podcast Leadership Moment, a podcast that he established together with John C. Maxwell, shared an insight on decision making. Success has got a lot of things to do with decisions. You need experience to become a better decision making, and one very important way is making bad decision.

Every bad decision we make should help us to be better leader. Since we have experienced those that have cost us very much, we will not make such costly decision in the future.
~John Hull (Host of Leadership Moment and President/CEO of EQUIP)

Mistakes and our limitations, those are the ones that often bring uncertainty to our life. It brings us doubt and worry, fear and uncertainty with our future. That might be an important reason why Eckhart mentioned that we need to be comfortable with the uncertainty. Throughout the disappointment and challenges, we still need to believe in the limitless possibilities that we have. We need to believe that we can learn from the mistakes and move forward. We still need to do what we can do best today. Exploration and mistakes are parts and puzzle of our life, and the secret if being comfortable with that.


At times emerging leaders limit their future possibilities by their impatience.
~Henry and Richard Blackaby (Called to be God’s Leader: Lessons from the life of Joshua)

Nothing is instant
The quote is taken from the first chapter of the book, limitless possibilities of becoming a leader. I have shared above that Joshua is not educated, a son of a slave, yet he is patient and obedient. It is the key on how eventually, God of Israel appointed him to become a leader of the whole nation. Not only that, he is in charge of bringing the nation into the promised land.

The process is not overnight. It takes him about 40 years to assist his predecessor Moses before eventually he took over the position. He started well, he did the right thing, he believed in God’s promises, yet nobody listened to him. Isn’t that a lesson on patience? Many times, you have done many things right, yet your success is not even visible yet. It’s the time when you are tested, to wait and to keep on believing and persisting.

I need to wait
The quote above is kept in my mind since about 3 months ago. That point of time, I just learned the power of asking and I was asking for a salary raise. It was only 3 months since I joined the company. The past 1 year I have gained some certifications on top of the project management experience in my previous job. I asked and I am very much confident that I deserve a pay raise.

However, I was rejected, and instead, I’m given with additional 3 months of probation period. I am very disappointed that even I got a bit emotional at some point. It’s really a lesson on patience, and that quote struck me to be patient. If you want to have limitless possibilities, wait and be patient!

From this experience, I also learned that it’s not the point of how much you have learned, but how much you have contributed. That is really an important point to gain trust from your boss, subordinates or customers. The season of waiting is also a time to be persistent and prove your worth. It was a challenge for me too, I embarked into a new opportunity as project lead, and the time to show and bring my value to the company. The three months have passed, and I am really glad that it ended up well.

Enjoy the process
While deadline is indeed important in setting goals; do not forget to enjoy the journey. Here is what I learn from Scott H. Young on his article Be Ambitious With Goals, Not Deadlines.

If you can’t enjoy the process leading up to a goal, it probably isn’t worth starting. The time spent enjoying a win is far shorter than the work leading up to it. If reaching the end is your only motivation to keep going, you probably won’t make it very far.
~Scott H. Young (Be Ambitious With Goals, Not Deadlines)


To be a good leader, you have to be a good follower.
~John Maxwell

There is another lesson from Joshua’s life in having limitless possibilities. It’s his obedience to God and his leader, Moses. Personally, I value the importance of obedience to God highly. Whoever you are and whatever you believe, it is important to have a leader, mentor or someone you are accountable to in your life. You need to learn to respect and obey them. Even if they are bad leaders and you can’t obey them, we all need to be submissive to our leaders. We need to respect them even without fulfilling their request.

Obedience is always costly and change is always uncomfortable. Sometimes we feel as if the work and responsibilities we have right now is not important, it doesn’t go well with what we dream about, and we simply want to run away from them. If you still have those desires, check out the following quote! It was sent by my friend, Tracy, and it really inspired me about obedience and its importance for your success.

Have the discipline to do little things you don’t like, and you can spend your life doing the big things you do like
~Andrew Matthews (Follow Your Heart)

There are at least three important points that we all can learn from here:

1. It takes discipline
Feelings and excuses; those are the enemies of discipline. Do not depend on your feeling to do what you need to do, do it because you have to do it. You simply cannot rely to your feeling. Feeling is fluctuating; it is what many people called as moody. And it is the reason you need to have discipline to do what you have decided to do.

Discipline is also a sign on how well you can rely on yourself. Do you really do what you have decided to do even when you don’t feel like doing it? It is an important question to ask yourself. How can others rely and trust you, if you can’t even trust yourself in doing it?

2. It deals with little things
You can have big vision but you need to plan small steps. It’s great to have big plans, dreams and visions. But eventually, we have to start today, with whatever we have and we are able to do right now. Start with something small and baby steps.

A link love
A principle that close to the little things is the CANI principle that Anthony Robbins shared. CANI stands for Constant And Never-ending Improvements. It’s a daily decision that we can choose to grow. A fellow Singaporean blogger, Saif is enthusiast in growing as well. He is also applying this principle and he keeps on reminding people to grow with putting the principle in his signature. You can see his blog, Saif Improvement, to learn more about his journey on growing and improving.

3. It deals with little things that you don’t like
It is not about any little things; the quote also tells us that it’s about the little things that we don’t like. How does it sound?

Dr. Tim Elmore wrote a series of books on leadership titled Habitudes. The first part deals with the art of self leadership. Inside, he shared that life deals with a lot of pop tests. What is pop test? Those are the unexpected tests. Unfortunately, those are the kind of tests that we are facing in life. No warning, no plan, it’s just happened and our success are determined by passing those tests.

There are many tests that we will face in our life, and one of them is the test of small things. Those are the tests about things that you don’t like, things that are trivia, below your standard, beneath your potential and talent. Those are the things that you will not consider to do in the future. Unfortunately, it’s a test for you, and you need to do them well. Why? Because…

It proves how faithful we are to commitments and whether we are ready for greater opportunities.
Dr. Tim Elmore (Habitudes: The Art of Self-Leadership)

The Rewards

What should I say, the number of quotes above have pretty much shared the rewards. Those are infinite possibilities, limitless possibilities, influential leader of the future, doing the big things that you do like. Go through the process and enjoy the process. That is what we all can start now. Success begins today!

Any comments? Do you have any additional thoughts on what is important in pursuing your limitless opportunities? Any comments on this article? Please do share it with us.
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For your limitless possibilities,

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  1. Young man,

    You are wise and wisdom is ageless. Getting out of the comfort zone, making mistakes and learning from the mistakes and keep kindling the inner fire are the three key ingredient of success. I’ve personally felt that way and lastly, be humble and have gratitude for what life offers us everyday. It’s a precious gift and we shall savor the gift.

    Needless to say, I’m your fan and I’ve subscribed to your blog just now. Please visit my blog when time permits. I’d love to get your comments and of course, if you think it is worth your time, please subscribe.


    Shilpan | successsoul.coms last blog post..Improve your Chances of Success in Business with These 10 Simple Tips

  2. Robert A.

    Hi Shilpan, thanks for your comments, it’s really encouraging. Thanks for enjoying this blog and article. I will subscribe to your blog as well!

  3. I love the idea that mistakes are necessary. I tend to be afraid of making mistakes – so afraid in fact that I sometimes choose not to DO, for fear of failure.

    Thank you for an interesting thought!

    Vereds last blog post..The Sleazy Ads of Google Adsense

  4. Robert A.

    Hi Vered, thank you for your comments. Great to know that you learn something from this post. Hope that you will be much more courageous to overcome your fear of failure.
    I’m also still learning…
    Let’s work it out!

  5. chris kpugbara

    Thank you so much for your glorious contribution i love the idea of obedience,it paid to obey though it not easy.

  6. Sometimes secrets are not really secrets anymore, we just need reminders for things we know but refuse to believe and do. Thank you for reminding us again that we are all made to accomplish great things.

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