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What is so special about bloggers?

First they are learners and second they are teachers. They do not want to keep the information by themselves, they want to share their knowledge to others. That is what very special about them. Don’t you think that each of us has a unique story? Unique knowledge and experience? No other person in this wiorld has exactly the same experience with us. And that means we have something interesting to share with others. And bloggers invest their time, money, and energy to provide that.

This post is dedicated to Mert Erkal from SearchForBlogging.com. He is the blogger that helps other bloggers. He initiated a project called Bloghology to help bloggers all around the world. I really admire his vision because I do believe that bloggers deserve some support. Many of them are great thinkers, they have great message and knowledge, but many have difficulty to gain readership and market themselves. And here comes a project he created, it is a regular e-book to be distributed across blogosphere, to help market bloggers all around the world. And this post I hope will be able to support him and his vision.

The march edition was just published and I am one of the bloggers featured there. Mert works together with Halil Mandal from Peopleized.com in conducting the interviews. Download the e-book with the link below to get my answers on the reasons why I blog, the purpose of this blog, what the world of introverts is through my understanding, how I manage and turn my limitation into advantages, what my future goal is, and some suggestions that I have for new bloggers.

There are some other interesting blogs as well in the current e-book:

  • Maria Gajewski & Never the same river twice: a blog that talks about change. An interesting message from her, saying that having goals will make you blind. This is quite a thought-provoking article on how you should make your goal.
  • Susan King & His and Hers: it’s a blog about depression. The writers are senior citizens, Susan and her brother, David. They are sharing their lives and struggle with depression. David was struggling with bipolar for a number of years, and now they are using their experience to help others. Isn’t it another story of turning limitation into advantages??
  • Audee & Graphic Identity: a blog about graphic design. She is a fellow Indonesian blogger that is really serious about sharing articles and tutorials on graphic design. Her ideas are very much into a collaborative work, involving her readers into the discussion and the content. I have gained a lot of helps from her via StumbleUpon. And I want to use this opportunity to thank her. She is an expert in graphic design and she provides a lot of tutorials in her site, this is one of them.
  • Stephan Miller: a blog about making money online. There is a very interesting article he stated in the e-book that caught my attention. That is being successful by making mistakes one at a time . Another story of limitation into advantages, mistakes helps you to be successful, so do not be afraid in making mistake. “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you will not come out with anything that is original.” ~Ken Robinson

Click the following button and check out the e-book to know more upcoming blogs, hopefully that will become inspiration for your success journey.

Download Free Bloghology Ebook

For your success,

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  1. Thanks for the link. I was really honored to be included in Bloghology with all these other great bloggers.

    Stephan Miller’s last blog post..Lessons Learned at Low Paying Jobs

  2. Robert A.

    Hi Stephan, thanks for your comment as well. Looking forward to learn more from your blog.

  3. Hi Robert,

    It’s true that bloggers are learners and teachers. I love reading blog posts, it’s like I have all these friends and we’re all having this amazing conversation.

    Cheryl’s last blog post..What Is Your Dream Job?

  4. Robert A.

    Hi Cheryl, yea you’re right! Bloghosphere opens up friendship all over the world!

  5. Thanks so much for the mention, Robert!

    Maria – Never the Same River Twice’s last blog post..Weekend SmallChange: Have a Buy Nothing Day

  6. What a great project Mert Erkal has devised and, with so many great blogs out there, he certainly will not lack for material.

    I look forward to reading the latest issue of Bloghology.

    Nickolove Lovemore’s last blog post..Attracting Wealth and Millionaire Secrets

  7. Robert A.

    Hi Nickolove, certainly you can visit his blog for more information. You can also apply there to get involved in the next edition of Bloghology..
    Thanks, hope you find lots of useful blogs there!

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