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One group writing project has caught my attention again. This time, it comes from Joanna Young from ConfidentWriting.com. The project is requesting 4 lists of 4 items and all have to be about writing inspiration. So here is my contribution to the project…

4 sources of inspiration:

  1. Conversation. Here is an article, “Dinner with Dreamers“, inspired by my conversation with friends. All of them are dreamers, and I had a great dinner and special meal with them.
  2. Books & Magazines. I like reading, I always carry a book with me, and I spent much of my travelling and waiting time reading. An article that combines my inspiration from both book and magazine is “The lazy man’s guide to decision making“.
  3. Movie & TV Shows. A statement by one of the actors or the presenters can trigger my inspiration. My article, “Naive’s guide to happiness” is inspired the movie Enchanted. Here is another article inspired by a TV show, “Five steps to win with your limitation.
  4. Other blogs. Since I started blogging, I read many blogs, and a lot of statements there inspire me to write something. Here is one of them, “Mindset to win sales trick.

4 triggers of inspiration:

  1. Quote. Here is an article triggered by a quote from James Dean: “Dream as if you can live forever!
  2. Comments. I learned a lot from my readers as well, and some articles I wrote to share their opinions to all of my readers. Here is an example: “In the pursuit of happiness…
  3. Question. I joined few group writing projects before, and the questions given usually inspired me to look for an answer. Here is an article “All you need to know to create your own happiness” based on the Alex Shalman’s questions on his Happiness Project.
  4. Experience. Things happen to me. Some are good and some bad. Some are my mistakes and successes, and those can trigger me to reflect and share what I have learned. Here is a sample of the article based on my success, “Seven benefits of blogging to your personal growth“, and another based on my mistake, “Leader under construction (Tips not to beat yourself).”

4 ways of keeping inspiration:

  1. StumbleUpon blog. When I read a good article on the net, I will try to take away something. It can be a quote or statement, and I will capture it with my StumbleUpon. You can say that blog is my stock of quotes. Feel free to subscribe to its RSS feed.
  2. Idea journal. I try to bring a small book everywhere, to write down ideas for writing, especially useful when I’m traveling with public transport.
  3. Notes on the book. I keep the list of inspiring pages on the first/last page of the book. Those are the pages where I can find inspiring quotes, those that get me my “Aha” moment.
  4. MS Outlook Notes. Especially useful when I’m working with my computer, when it is easier to type an idea in the computer, instead of writing it down. I like MS Outlook Notes because it’s synchronized automatically with my PDA.

4 quotes that encourage me to write:

  1. We are to get wisdom and understanding, yet we are not to lean on it apart from the Lord.” ~John Maxwell. The quote encourages me to learn from anyone, but not to let go of my faith. What he shared is my core principle in learning.
  2. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~Marianne Williamson. This quote encourages me to shine, to improve myself and to fight my fear, so that eventually I will be able to help others to shine and to be successful.
  3. If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you will not come out with anything that is original.” ~Ken Robinson. This quote encourages me to be courageous, dare to make mistakes, especially when I’m writing some thought-provoking articles. One example: I’m reminded of this quote very much when I’m writing about my interesting 7 flaws.
  4. It’s not that I am so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” ~Albert Einstein. Even the genius Albert Einstein said that, so persistence is very important in whatever dream you pursue.

I hope this message is useful for you as an inspiration to keep on learning and seeking for wisdom from anyone and anywhere. And more than that, I want to encourage you to shine and share, to pursue your dream and to help others.

The reality is that no one is too old, too smart, or too successful to learn something new. The only thing that can come between a person and the ability to learn and improve is a bad attitude
…The people who learn the most aren’t necessarily the ones who spend time with the smartest people. They are the ones with teachable attitude.

John Maxwell (Winning with People)

Any thoughts on your inspiration on your success journey? Do share them in the comments! Looking forward to hear your thoughts.

For your success,

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  1. Thanks for the mention bud. =)

    Alex Shalman’s last blog post..A Simple Hack To Fast-forward To A Winning Personality

  2. Robert A.

    You’re welcome!

  3. For me understanding something I want to be successful at goes something like this.

    I get obsessed by / interested in something. I then investigate it. Usually this means I arrive at an idea of what it takes to do it.

    I can then decide if I want to do it or can do it.

    Evan’s last blog post..On Easter: the death and resurrection of the ego

  4. Robert A.

    Hi Evan, thanks for sharing your story. I believe blogging is one of them, isn’t it? =)

  5. Thanks for sharing your sources of writing inspiration. Funnily enough I found myself sharing that James Dean quote yesterday too. The Marianne Williamson quote is also extremely powerful – not just for writing but for life 🙂


    Joanna Young’s last blog post..Inspiring Words That Connect Us Together

  6. Robert A.

    Hi Joanna, that quote from James Dean is a great one, I found that the meaning is much deeper when you have a dream as if you will live forever.
    Btw, I grabbed your quote on angels with one wing as well, I’m putting it as the concluding point on the article I just published! Thanks for sharing the quote, that was a great one!

    I’ll need to learn a lot from you on writing. Keep on sharing! =)


  7. Hey Robert,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. There are some great pieces of advice within the quotes you shared, and your own strategies to manage inspiration are ones I should adopt as well — I find myself all too often flipping through a book, trying to find that one quote I should have highlighted weeks before.

    Keep up the good work!

    Glenn’s last blog post..4×4 Group Writing Project

  8. Robert A.

    Hi Glenn, thanks and welcome to my blog. I really appreciate your comment and encouragement. Really glad that it can become an inspiration for you. Wish you success in your writing journey as well.
    Hope to see you again, feel free to contact me if you need any help.

    All the best,


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