First meme, first award, first review

Mar 15, 2008 by

This post is especially for the people that have tagged me and linked into my blog. Some have been there for quite awhile, leave off ago and I have not done any part to reply to them…

First is the first meme project with which I’m involved, “7 interesting things about you”. I am tagged by David and Amy. Thanks to them, I revealed so much of my “dirty laundry” =). Now I’d like to tag several other bloggers to share theirs…

Second, I would like to thank Dan for the first blog award that I received, Winning Attitude Award from Monday Morning Power. On the return, I would like to give the award to the following bloggers:

  1. Sol Lederman with his Brain Integration Blog
  2. Corinne Edwards with her Personal Growth Blog

winningattitudeaward_1.gifWhy do I give the awards to them? Simply because they are the people who are turning their limitation into advantages, bloggers whose attitudes deserved an award. Sol has suffered ADD/ADHD before and now he is sharing his recovery journey with his blog. Corinne mentioned many times that she has lost of her husband, instead of turning into grief and pity; she shares a lot of miracles through her blog. They are not ashamed of sharing their story and limitation expecting to help others. Both of you can use the badge and distribute the award to some other bloggers.

Third, is my first blog review, I am extremely grateful for Evan for reviewing my blog. Please check his review, A blog for introverts (and others too). He has put some comments and constructive feedback that I am really thankful for.

Next, I would like to all the following people who have linked to my blog the past month. Hope I don’t miss anyone…

  • Albert from for introducing my blog to his readers
  • Raymond Chua for answering my question on the contradiction on the Law of Attraction
  • Michelle for her thankful notes
  • Anne-Marie for her mention on the inspiration she got from for her article
  • J.C. for including me on the list of lists
  • Mert Erkal for including me on the Bloghology 2nd Edition
  • Alex Shalman and Don for their group writing project, both posts I wrote for them got me some of my most popular posts.

Next, I would like to thank Cynthia Springer, whom I got to know from Jean Browman’s CheerfulMonk blog. She has offered her help to correct my English in my posts. Hopefully I will learn a lot from her, and I’m really thankful for her.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all my readers and commentators for sharing their thoughts and opinions, their reviews on StumbleUpon where some are very encouraging, and some have thoughts that I need to learn from.

Thank you so much.

For your success,

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  1. Congratulations on your award, Robert! You’re doing an impressive job. Keep up the good work!

    AmyL’s last blog post..Thinking Spring

  2. Robert A.

    Thanks Amy!

  3. How wonderful! Thank you so much for the link and congratulations!

    Michelle Vandepas’s last blog post..By: Michelle Vandepas

  4. Thanks for participating before. =)

    Alex Shalman’s last blog post..Ask The Readers: Your Best Tip To Waste Money

  5. Thanks for the mention Robert.

    I’m not sure I know seven interesting things about me. I’ll have a think and if I think there are I’ll have a go. I tend to think the interesting things are what I’m interesed in.

  6. Robert A.

    Thanks a lot Michelle =)

  7. Robert A.

    Sure, thanks for the opportunity! =)

  8. Robert A.

    Lol, at first I can’t find 7 interesting things as well, I got only 1 in my mind when being memed, try to dig your past, I’m sure you will have =)

  9. Hi Robert,

    Congratulation for winning the award.

    You indeed have a great blog. 🙂

    Raymond Chua’s last blog post..Stop Right There. Like Doesn’t Attracts Like. Don’t You Think So?

  10. Thanks for the plug Robert and congrats to you my friend

    Making Sales Making Money’s last blog post..Baby Steps Lead to Big Changes

  11. Robert A.

    Thanks for the compliment, Raymond! You have a great one too, I learned a lot from you.

  12. Robert A.

    Thanks Don, thanks a lot! =)

  13. Dear Robert –





  14. Robert A.

    Sure Corinne =)
    You deserve it!
    One more thing I forgot to tell in the post, please link to Mel’s blog when you’re giving the award to anybody else.

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