Networking: Watch out why you forget names!

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Do you have problem remembering the person’s name you’ve just got to know?

You might be trapped in considering that you actually have a short term memory. If you do, check out the following article from WikiHow, on How to Cope With Short Term Memory Problems. In one of the steps, paying attention, the article mentions about the reason why many of us usually forget the name of the person we’re just being introduced.

If you’ve already forgotten the name of the nice gentleman who was just introduced to you not five minutes ago, it might not be only a memory problem. Were you really listening when you were introduced, or were you thinking ahead to what to say next?


“What should I say next?”, “what can I say to impress him/her?”, “what will he think of me?”, “I have to look confident, how should I show it?”, “what should I ask next to show that I’m interested to know her?”

Those are some of the questions that comes to our mind, while we know a person, it’s our reflect to boost our ego, to impress the other person by showing that we are interested, confident, and nice to talk to. Many forget that many people need listening ear while they are speaking. Next time you find your mind wander, remind yourself to pay attention to what the other person is saying.

One of the tips given in the article…

Relax. Overtaxing your mind reduces its ability to focus and concentrate, giving you that “flustered” feeling. When appropriate, end one task before beginning another.


What you need to do… RELAX! stay calm and confident! Finish your task to listen before you begin your task to find something to say, believe that by the time you have to say, you will find something to speak out.

It might be a habit difficult to break, when you fail to get the name and you find yourself forgetting the name, say sorry and ask for his/her name again, and this time around, make sure you get the name. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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  1. Oops… I have problem to remember a person’s name for the first time. However, I can remember their face very well and I remember where I meet a guy pretty well too.

  2. Robert A.

    Heheh, I’m even worse with Chinese name, I need to ask several times!
    But many times I forget their names because I’m too busy of thinking what to say next, exactly what the WikiHow article explain, so really need to practice on being relax when being introduced to a new friend.
    Hope you’re getting better at names too!


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