Seven benefits of blogging to your personal growth

Feb 12, 2008 by

20080212_writing.jpgHow do you consider blogging?

Some people consider it as a waste of time, some people think that it’s a way to run from reality to cyberspace, but it’s not necessarily so. In fact, some people are serious about blogging and consider it as a hobby, channeling their passion and hobby on writing, or better still as a business they want to grow, business that they can run from home. Similarly, blogging is something that you can start as long as you like to learn and share information. You can even start without spending so much capital.

Particularly, personal development blogging has many benefits that I have enjoyed, it does come with a price, time and energy to do it, but you can gain much by doing it with passion and persistence. I have not tasted the returns in terms of money but I do have tasted the benefit in terms of personal development and growth.

In this post, I will distribute the seven benefits of blogging into two areas, blogging as a hobby, and blogging as a business. Both will help you to your personal growth.

When blogging is your hobby

1. You’re becoming better at words

This is particularly useful for the introverts, introverts do complain on how they’re not so good with words, especially when they have to speak. Writing is much more comfortable because we can think without pressure for the right words to say, and also for the opportunity to undo the statements. Here is a quote from Robert Cornier that I read from the

The beautiful part of writing is that you don’t have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon. You can always do it better, find the exact word, the apt phrase, the leaping simile.

Robert Cormier

In a way, I started blogging as a channel for my passion to lead and create, passion for information-sharing, yet I’ve been baffled so many times by my limitation, especially the confidence in speaking and relating with people. Blogging in a way has helped me to use and think about putting the right words, sentences and grammars. As I am getting more comfortable with words, as I write, practically I am more comfortable to speak with words, soon the confidence will follow.

2. You declare your dream

Declaration is the insights I have got from T. Harv Eker, in his book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, it’s about how we can declare our dream, even when we have not achieved it. Why declaration is better? Because declaration is simply more accepted by our little voice, it’s easier to say, “I am in the process of being more generous” instead of “I am a generous person”.

Similarly, what I blog is the declaration, things that I’m dreaming to become, the right attitude to have, the right way to behave and the right thing to do. It’s true that writing is much easier than doing. But I also believe that “declaring” also means “pursuing”, as long as we never quit and give up, with time we are going to become a better person.

3. You remind yourself

It’s also a great step of becoming a better person, it is about learning from your failure. To learn, it’s not enough with a promise not to repeat only, we also need to make some actions to ensure that we really learn from our failure. Jonathan Frye from has shared some great insights about how writing can actually help, what you need to write is your action plan, what you have to do while you are facing the situation again.

Similarly, besides being a declaration, blogging will also make the principles and the things you share will actually sticks in your mind, you will remember it fully, and it will help you choosing to do the right things given the situation you face!

When blogging is your business

When your blog is a business, it’s no longer about you! It’s about how your blog can have quality content and how it can reach as many readers as possible. It’s just like having your own business, where you have to start by disciplining yourself, improving your content value; ensure that it brings value to your readers, and eventually forming a network, promoting it, advertising it and marketing your blog. Here is what you can learn from the process.

4. Learn to learn

When you aim to provide greater value for your readers, you have to learn more. It’s a life when you are on the lookout for more opportunity to learn, to get more insights and wisdom to be shared with your readers. It’s the time when you start putting notes on the book you have read, keeping an idea journal, recording ideas before it passed away.

Every day you will look forward to an opportunity to learn from any resources, and it’s quite amazing to see that sometimes we can even find wisdom not through books or audios but from our daily conversation with friends, from circumstances that happens around us, and even from negative experiences.

5. Learn to help

When it’s a business, your focus is no longer you, the focus is others, what you are writing may not make sense to you, but your writing is about helping others. Here is a quote that has been shared by Michelle Vandepas, over at, quoting on Chris over on soupornuts.

In order to help yourself, you must help others. There’s no better long-term strategy to achieving your success. As Dr. Phil would say, “It ain’t about YOU!” Become a listener and a people person. Help others and then help yourself indirectly.

Chris Melton @

It’s practically also the reason I’m putting “Helping introvert to be successful” in my motto, to ensure the blog will focus on helping my readers. I have seen it, and believe it, from the experience of helping others; indirectly you’re growing yourself, developing yourself to be a better person.

6. Learn to promote and network

My first experience in promoting my blog offline is in the Millionaire Mind Seminar by T. Harv Eker, where there a lot of networking opportunities; most of them are having business that they are promoting with. And that point of time, I have a feeling that… “Hey! I have a business to promote too, it is my blog!” That’s the time I felt the need of having a name card even as a blogger, to help me promote my blog offline, it’s so fun to see that actually now I have something tangible to promote with me, it may not be a big business yet, but it’s something that we can start promoting. As I don’t have any name card, I started giving my blog email instead of my Gmail account.

Chris Bloczyncski has also shared an article of the value of offline networking as an internet marketer. From the experience, it will help you experience and practice selling and promoting. In the start, I’m quite shy and not comfortable telling others that I blog, but eventually I’m getting more and more comfortable with it, to let others, my friends and the new people I meet to know about my own business, business of providing self improvement help and inspiration, my business of blogging.

Promoting and networking doesn’t work only with showing off what you have, it’s also about giving. This is also your opportunity to learn to give, similar as other relationship, business has relationship of giving and takes as well, blogging lets you relate with other blogger, and each of them has their own vision, networking also requires you to give and support what they are promoting. Donald from MakingSalesMakingMoney has a great article in explaining the power of giving, especially in the networking through social media.

7. Learn to experience and give example

Here is what Charles H. Green says about making money…

The best way to make money is to stop selfishly looking to make money. Instead, be trusted—by being trustworthy.

Charles H. Green

Last but not least, blogging for a business will also require you to do it with trustworthiness, with integrity! Especially important as I write about personal development, a lot of time I am challenged to do what I am sharing in the blog, to really experience and give example, to share more in the blog, and personally being an example for my readers to see. Sometimes I use this principle to fight my little voice that keeps telling me not to do something, saying that I have to do it so that I can experience it and share it with integrity.

20080212_group_writing_project.gifIn conclusion

You may consider blogging as a hobby, but even more you can consider it as a business, that way you are more aware of the personal development that you really need. This article is posted as a part of the Home Based Business Group Writing Project, initiated by Donald from Home based business does involve a lot with your personal development, to be more successful you need to grow yourself more, and I do see blogging is a way you can do both at the same time!

If you are a blogger, please do share how your blogging experience has benefited you in your personal development…

If you are not, do consider being a blogger for your personal development, do share your thoughts on blogging…

If you like this article, please help me to stumble, digg, or bloggingzoom with the buttons below…

Thanks for sharing!

For your success,

(photo by churl)

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  1. Thanks for the link, Robert!

    I like the list you’ve made. I feel that blogging has made me more organized and helped me to develop “big picture” thinking. I’ve got to plan ahead and manage multiple things at once to make it all come together properly.

    Thanks for sharing this insightful article!

  2. I think you got it right on Robert – great post!

  3. Robert,

    Great article.

    Blogging has been an important part of life journey these past few months. I can now proudly say that I make my living as a writer, being paid to write for two blogs. Plus, I write for my successful Math blog. What I most enjoy about blogging is the self-expression. I’ve always loved words, I enjoy communicating, I like to teach, and blogging lets me do all of that.

  4. Hi Robert,

    Thanks for quoting me and the link to as well. Like most personal development bloggers, I am passionate about helping others. I feel blessed to enjoy a certain level of success and I enjoy motivating others to get out of the rut and live their passion.

    It is obvious that you are passionate about helping others, too. I’ll be back to read more.

  5. Robert , this a very sincere post and it has been accepted into the Home Based Business Writing Project, thank you

  6. Hey Robert,

    Excellent Post.

    I’ve been blogging for over two and a half years, and it’s been a blast. You never know who you’ll hear from, and it’s a great way to get your ideas out of your head and into something tangible.

    Keep up the great work.

    All the best,


  7. Robert A.

    thanks for sharing your experience how blogging benefit you,
    I’m still learning how to manage both my day work and blogging effectively,
    blogging challenges me to balance them, and manage both better so that I can perform well in both area

    thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!

    it’s great to see your passion in teaching and communicating, I guess it’s the main ingredient for success in blogging. Thanks for sharing!

    welcome to my blog, when I read your message in Michelle’s blog, it really inspired me, that time I have put the motto “helping introvert to be successful”, but slightly doubting it. your statement encourage me to keep the motto and really do it with my blog. Thanks and do come again!

    Thanks for the inspiration, your idea of this group writing inspired me to form the list and write this article, glad that it’s accepted =)

    Welcome to my blog, thanks for sharing your experience here, looking forward to know you more through your blog as well.
    Thanks for the comment and encouragement.

    Glad that you all like the article.
    Cheers and wish you all the best for your blogging journey,

  8. Thanks for quoting me, and thanks for positioning blogging within a larger, socially valuable context. You speak for me too.
    Best wishes,
    Charles H. Green

  9. Robert A.

    Hi Charles,
    Welcome to my blog!
    I’ve been quoting you so many times without knowing your blog or book, your quote really inspire me about integrity and trustworthiness. Thanks for your comment!


  10. “1. You’re becoming better at words” I can relate to that very well. Its been about 1.5 years since I started blogging and there is definitely and improvement!

  11. Robert A.

    Hi Sham, thanks for sharing, I do see improvement as well, and looking forward for more improvement in the future!

  12. HI Robert,

    I own a personal development blog and I find all the benefits you stated above clicks with me. 🙂

  13. Robert A.

    Hi Raymond, yeah! having a personal development blog do help us to grow very much! Thank you for all the efforts you have put in, I’m sure that you will benefit very much from them.
    Thanks for sharing your experience!

  14. I like blogging, I started one because I was in need of a little spare cash. Then even if it is not earning much, It has become routinary to check on how it was doing. I would often check the analytics, it is exciting how I could write search engine friendly topics and check out how many visitors I was having.
    By the way, would you be interested in entrepreneurship? I’d like to share an inspiring site I have seen recently, the Young Entrepreneur Society from the

  15. Robert A.

    Hi Fawzi, thanks for sharing your journey of blogging,
    would you like to let us know your blog?
    Thanks for the link as well.

  16. Hello Robert,

    I found your posting on blogging about personal experiences somewhat confronting, and realized that it was my personal issue.

    As you know, I have a couple of blogs.

    On each of them I write material to enhance my readers’ lives, quality information.

    As I’m a very private person, it would never have occurred to me to write about myself.

    Yet, after my near death experience recently, I now feel a desire to let people know the power of inner belief and communicating with your higher self.

    The fact that whoever you believe your creator to be, that entity and its support system, for example, the various angels do actually intervene in what could have been a disastor.

    A disastor, but not for me, I would have been dead, but for those who would still be on this planet – for those who love me.

    Your article has made me realize to share more of my personal thoughts.

    As usual, thank you, Robert.

    All the best,


    ps If anyone is interested my blogs are and

    There is nothing for sale on them, just giving you information

  17. Robert A.

    Hi Gloria, hope that you’re fully recovered from your accident!
    Thanks for the encouragement and all the comments you have shared here.

    The quote that really inspire me about sharing who I am is the following quote

    Be what you are.
    This is the first step toward becoming better than you are.
    Julius Charles Hare

    Being what you are, that involves with not being ashamed of your weaknesses and strength, and that gives me courage of sharing my story, Hopefully it will inspire others too!

    Thanks for your comments, glad that it inspired you too!

  18. Great advice.

    I was happy to see you mention Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, I love that book.

    That seminar was one that really made a difference in my life. Of course, I didn’t know anything about having a money mindset before I went there. My mindset about money was horrible and I didn’t even know it.

    “Learn to help” is excellent advice.

    I started my first business wondering how I could make money. That business failed.

    Subsequent businesses were started with thoughts of how I could help others achieve a particular outcome. Those ones prospered.

    Secrets of Success’s last blog post..Do you hate confrontation?

  19. Robert A.

    Hi Success,
    Thanks for your sharing your story, I also inspired from T. Harv Eker very much. In the seminar, one point he is saying about making money struck me.. “The amount of money you will make only reflects the amount of value you give to people”
    It’s so true about helping and making money isn’t it..
    Wish you all the more prosperous years!


  20. I, on the other hand, love the way he lays out the concept of financial blueprint and the 6 jars system.

    That improves my financial life a lot.

    Raymond Chua’s last blog post..Ouch! Ouch! My throat! Please be careful!

  21. Hi Robert, I like your post, I came across it as I was looking for more info about the benefits of blogging.  What really intrigued me though is that you mentioned the Millionaire Mind Intensive a few times.  A friend and I love Harv’s teachings, and after attending a few of his other courses, we just created a social network to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world.  Your thoughts and insight would be a great addition.

  22. I like the section on ‘Learn to promote and network’. It also helps inexperienced aspiring entrepreneurs to start off.

  23. Actually while blogging ABOUT personal growth, blogging become more like a hobby to me than work.

  24. Indeed blogging has gone a long way, from personal online diary to blogging for money. But like you’ve said here, blogging as a hobby while making some money is really fun.


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