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Do you notice the new category I made?

It’s called News category, I submitted one post recently under this category. And I would like to share more about this category…

It’s been a while that I blog, I started from the end of September until now, my style in blogging has evolved, in the month of October 2007, I posted a short article everyday, some with or without pictures, and some is just simply sharing a quote with short comments. November 2007 is my transition, and December 2007 my articles are longer, always comes with points to ponder, picture, and those are the types we bloggers called pillar articles.

So what’s the news?

I’m going to combine the two styles of blogging I have gone through, I will post newsy types of articles, that is simply sharing an inspiration of the day or a quote of the day. Simple comments and short post that I hope can give you some principle or encouragement to bring through the day.

This move is inspired from an article in about Understanding Communities that reminds me on giving value more for each communities of readers that I have, and this is one way that I can provide value more to my RSS subscribers. (Please check it here if you want to know what is RSS?)

These posts are not about blog marketing!

Many rules to follow in creating pillar content to attract more readers, so what I’m going to do with these posts is breaking the rules! Making blogging fun and being creative with these posts!

These posts are more about sharing, about providing more value to those who have subscribed as my readers, this short post will be in the News category, and it’s going to be short and sweet! It’s simply a quote, inspiration, or short story of the day! With these type of posts I will be able to come out with an article more often and hope to inspire you more!

And don’t worry, I will still bring you pillar articles, meaty articles that will be able to give you much more insights to be successful!

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(Do check it here if you need to know what is RSS?)

For your success,

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  1. Hi Robert, good change! Hope your new style will add more value to different audience and your blog florish!

    interested to see more good news!


  2. Robert A.

    Thanks a lot, Wyatt!
    will do my best!


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