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It’s three days away from Christmas and everyone seem to be celebrating Christmas. Many stores open a year-end sale and gift bazaar to make this season a season of shopping, and hopefully a season of giving.

I’ve been looking forward to post a message on Christmas. Today I will talk about it, especially on the attitude in giving. It’s inspired from the following quote on giving…

Sometimes we hold on to our possesions because we fear we might run out – life seems scarce. But when we believe that giving is the way to live, we will produce more in the future – life seems abundant.

John C. Maxwell

This message is inspired not from an activity related to giving. It’s inspired more from my activity related to my house-keeping. Working oversea and away from family forced me to do my own house-keeping chores.

Over the years I found that I am a collector, I don’t like to throw things and I wanna keep it forever. I collect many things and unfortunately, most are useless. In my mind, I’m afraid that I might need it in the future, I better keep as many as possible, I don’t know what will I need in the future and I afraid that I will not be able to find what I need in the future, regretting things that I have thrown away.

This goes on and on, until I decided to make some action after reading an article from Tina Su at titled How to Cure PackRat-itis. Doing it, I’m reminded of the abundant attitude that I have ever read from The Maxwell Leadership Bible as quoted above. It’s the secret of giving, the belief that giving is a way to live, the belief that life seems abundant!

So what will you do when you have abundant attitude? When you live a life seems abundant?

1. You will be cured from PackRat-itis

(I hope this term is not copyright’ed by Tina)
Tina mentioned in her post, one that influence her to have a habit of collecting useless things…

Maybe I was influenced having grown up in a communist country, where everything was limited and nothing was thrown away. Basically, I had accumulated A TON of stuff from years past.

Tina Su @ (How to Cure PackRat-itis)

It’s because of a cultural view that everything was limited, things seem scarce, the reason why people hold fast to what they have, even if it’s useless. They’re afraid of not having enough, and things will be getting more and more difficult to get what they have.

Many things that I kept deal with information, some are IT magazine, school notes, career magazines, books, past church sermon messages and bulletins. Tips to throw away old information stuffs: remember that information are abundant, you can get many more information and even more updated from internet, it’s the information era where information are abundant, how can you feel that information are scarce? Even more, it’s more difficult to find information from the stacks of old notes rather than internet.

Scientifically, it’s really better to throw or give away unused stuffs, rather than becoming a mess in our storage, as what Oprah quoted from an expert as below…

Every time you look around and feel anxious that the mess is getting out of hand, your body releases cortisol, one of the classic stress hormones, says Steven Maier, PhD, a neuroscience professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder. (The Urge to Purge)

2. You will bless successful people

Here is another great quote taken from T. Harv Eker book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth :

Bless that which you want

Huna Philosophy

In one of his wealth files, Harv Eker mentioned how different the mindset of rich people and poor people, rich people admire, bless and love other successful people, while poor people resent successful people. Here is one of the excuses why poor people resent successful people…

They believe that rich people make them poor. “Yup, that’s right, rich people took all the money so there’s none left for me. Of course, this is perfect victim talk.

T. Harv Eker

Again, an attitude results from scarcity attitude, the resources, the money in this world are scarce, if the rich people take them, we will be left with nothing.

On the other hand, when you believe that life seems abundant, you will be happy for other successful people, when your colleagues got promoted, when your friends’ business is successful, when your friends are making a step out to pursue their dream. We will bless them, we will sincerely wish for the best to happen to them, while we are secure with our future and our success, simply because life is abundant.

3. You will give like you have plenty

And last but not least, you will give to others. Back to the quote that John C. Maxwell mentioned above, when life seems abundant, you will find that giving is the way to live.

This season of Christmas, let’s really make it as a season of giving, to the people we know and we love, as well to the people who are poor and needy, who need our helps. It can be in terms of money and gift, it can be attention and time spent together, it can be an act of service helping the needy, it can be knowledge to be shared with others.

I’m reminded of the song from Chris Tomlin, The Way I Was Made from Chris Tomlin, you can play the song in the video at the end of this article, from the song:

I want to give like I have plenty
I want to love like I’m not afraid

Chris Tomlin

That’s the secret of giving, living life like we have plenty, loving people like we’re not afraid, life seems abundant. Let’s use this Christmas moment to really put attention to what others will need. No strings attached and no hidden agenda.

Merry Christmas! Have a joyful and blessed Christmas!

And here it is, The Way I Was Made song by Chris Tomlin:
YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Great article Robert, I have stumbled it.

    Keep writing and keep those interesting thoughts coming

    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Robert A.

    Hi Jens, thanks for your comments.
    I do enjoy writing! Everyday is a chance to learn, and that’s why it’s also a chance to share. One of them is through my writing, through this blog, mmm… maybe a way for me to give too!

    Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. You certainly gave me what I needed, Stumbled
    Merry CHRISTmas

  4. Robert A.

    Thanks for the comment, Don!
    Glad that it can inspire you…
    Merry Christmas to you!

  5. Robert,

    A great post, as usual.

    I remember a Zen saying that goes something like this: “If you hold something tightly in your hand then all you have is what is in your hand. If your hand is open then you allow for many things to come and go in your life.”

    I’m certainly familiar with pacrat-itis. I do it to some extent. I hold onto things I don’t need because I’ve spent money on it or don’t want to feel scarcity. It doesn’t work, of course. I still feel scarcity.

    It’s been a challenge for me to lighten up around money now that I don’t have a high paying job, and I know it would be good for me too.

    There’s a nice book, “Busting Loose from the Money Game”, that is all about living in abundance. You might enjoy reading and reviewing it.

    Happy Christmas.


  6. Robert A.

    Thanks for sharing the quote Sol, it’s really a great one.
    That’s why the Dead Sea has no living creatures, no creatures can stand their mineral content, because it never gives.

    Thanks also for recommending the book to me, I’ll see and consider it…

    Happy Christmas to you Sol!

  7. Some good messages in this article Robert. I’m afraid i am a bit of a hoarder too. I’ll have to rethink my approach to keeping stuff I think.

  8. Robert A.

    Hi Karen, here are some of good tips available @ Tina Su’s Think Simple Now.
    Thanks for your comments!

  9. Thanks for mentioning me here. I feel very honored and appreciate it. 🙂

    Love & Gratitude,
    Think Simple Now. ~ Clarity & Happiness

  10. Robert A.

    Hi Tina, you’re welcome, you have written such a great article.
    Happy holidays

  11. Hi Robert,

    Thanks for this article. I have just learned about “the art of giving”. Thanks to the termites in my house. I have had a great deal of exercise last few days.

    I have the same mindset as yours which is, I believe that I will need them on the future. So, I collect a lot of things that I don’t really need.

    Again, thanks to the termites that finally I have learned to let go. 🙂

    Raymond Chua’s last blog post..How Your Brain Actually Works


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