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Recently, I read few articles from various blogs that emphasize the importance of writing it out:

  1. To learn from your failure
  2. One of the simplest and most powerful methods to learn from your experience is to write out how you would deal with it if you were to repeat it. The act of writing it out places the lesson in your mind …. Your writing becomes a plan for dealing with those situations.

    Jonathan Frye (3-Steps for How to Respond to Failure @ LeadershipJot.com)

  3. To overcome jealousy
  4. By writing down your thoughts, it gives you an opportunity to express yourself, but also lays your options out clearly on paper… Ask yourself “Why do I feel this way?” Write out all your reasons out on paper.

    Tina Su (9 Ways to Overcome Jealousy @ ThinkSimpleNow.com)

  5. To overcome your depression
  6. Write it down. Make a list of what’s depressing you. Take out a paper and pen, and start writing. It’s that simple. This is done to physically get it “out of your head”. Now you can look at your problems in a more objective way.

    Alex Kay (What to Do and Think When You Feel Down @ JustKeepTheChange.com)


It’s really good to start the habit of writing. You can choose either blogging, or journaling. Before I started blogging, I started the habit of journaling. Journaling is merely writing down your experience in the day you journal. It can be a success, failure, feelings, friends you meet up with, things you learned, and so on. In fact, anything you want to write. I moved to blogging to be more focused on what I have learned and share it with others.

Here is the benefit of writing it out:

  1. Memorabilia of your success and miracles, just like the Israelites built an altar after crossing the Jordan river, as a reminder of God’s faithfulness for them and for the next generation. Keep on reminded of your success!
  2. De-clutter your mind, you may feel having a lot of things going on in your life, lots of things to do, and it feels so complex in your mind. As you write it down, as Alex Kay mentioned, you will be able to put the problem objectively, you will easily notice that it’s not as complex as you think. You can then start to plan and get rid of unnecessary things.
  3. Learn from your failure, as suggested by Jonathan Frye, write as if you have opportunity to doing things all over again, but now with the lessons you have learned from your failure.
  4. Remember what you have learned. This is the benefit that I gained the most from blogging, remembering what I have shared in my blog. You can easily remember what you have written, even more when you share it with others. When facing the situation, you will easily recall things you have learned and applying that.

Here is my 2-cents on writing it out. Start the habit, no matter how frequent you do it, and gain the benefit!

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  1. Great post Robert! Learning from failures are vital to living a (mentally) rich life, and keeping a journal (for some) can be a really great help. Take care!

  2. robert

    Hi Kay,
    Thanks for the comment! also for the inspiration! You have a great blog there!

  3. You too, Robert. I have subscribed to your RSS feed, so keep the good content flowing mate 🙂

  4. Robert A.

    Thanks Kay, that really encourages me!

  5. Thanks for mentioning my post. I feel much honored. 🙂

    Love & Gratitude,
    Think Simple Now. ~ Clarity & Happiness

  6. Robert A.

    Hi Tina, thanks for the inspiration too!

  7. This article had been extremely interesting, particularly since I searching for thoughts on this topic final Thursday.


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