What’s the happiest day in your life?

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Some of us will be reminded of the special day with your loved one(s), the day you say “I love you”, your first date, your wedding day, your honeymoon or your time with your friends and family.

Some of us will be reminded of the day we achieved our goal, the day you break the record, the day you made your best deal, achieving your business goal.

Some of us will be reminded of the day we’re rewarded, maybe your birthday, and everyone throws you a surprise b’day party, when somebody give you what you have longed for, or being promoted on your job.

And some of us will be reminded of the day we gave, the day we’re able to help somebody, we ministered and made impact to other people’s life.

But what Joyce Meyer’s answer in her article surprised me, she said…

I have decided that today is going to be the happiest day of my life! Tomorrow I will make the same decision, and the day after that and so on.

Joyce Meyer

As psalmist said,

This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad.

King David (Psalm 118:24)

Notice, the ‘will’, having a happy day is usually the result of our choice, our attitude toward whatever happens during the day. Some options:

  1. Make your day with your special-one very special, simply spending time together can be useful.
  2. Make small goal each day, something you can easily achieved, simply a decision to grow and make improvement every day is something that you can be happy about.
  3. Reward yourself for what you have achieved, no matter how small it is, look at how far you have changed/grown so far, not about how far to go!
  4. Bless somebody, give somebody, even a simple encouragement can be a blessing for others and a big impact for them.

Final word,

I believe we are much better off to decide that every new day will be our happiest, rather than searching for that one day in life that we can look to as the best. Today is God’s present to you, so unwrap it and be happy today!

Joyce Meyer

*This article is inspired by Joyce Meyer’s article in her magazine, Enjoying Everyday Life. You can download it for free here.

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  1. Robert, I just discovered your blog. Really inspiring stuff. Just this morning I woke up dreading a long layover at a particularly boring airport. After reading this post, I decided that I will make the most of the time by bringing a good book and maybe doing a little writing.

    Thanks for making my day better already!

  2. robert

    Hi Maria, thanks for the encouragement.
    Glad that this simple message can help make your day better! Have a better and better day everyday!

  3. I just decided that this is going to be the happiest day in my life. Or, at least, one of them. Although the “positive” outlook is healthy in a lot of perspectives, it’s okay to have an off day, or to have amazing memories.

    Take care,

  4. robert

    Hi Kay,
    you have a nice blog there!
    Yup, it’s really great to have amazing memories, simply that can be your reason to be happy, or inspiration to do better today.


  5. Wonderful thought.

  6. Robert,

    Nice blog. Very inspiring. Thank you for bringing more kindness into the world.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. robert

    Hi Tara n Sol,
    Thanks a lot for the comments.
    Happy thanksgiving for both of you too!

  8. Great Article…

    I’ve learn that gratitude is one of the essential things in life. And remembering those happy days in life brings a big feeling of deep gratitude and definitely put a smile in my face.

    Happy Thanksgiving

    “Simply Frank”

  9. Oh, Robert – this is such a good article. We spend so much time looking forward to an event that is coming up and so little reveling in the now of our happy life.

    I am going to stumble it for sure.



  10. robert

    Hi DJ and Corinne,
    Thanks a lot for the comments.
    Have a happy day!
    Have a happy thanksgiving too!


  11. Thanks for this ‘wake up call’ Robert. So many days slip by without our truly realising how great a value each one has.
    This has to be Stumbled and shared.

  12. Robert A.

    Thanks Karen, one thing to add, the credit is belong to Joyce Meyer, she is the one who is inspiring this article.

    You can find the link to her free monthly magazine at the end of my article..


  13. This was wonderful! I just discovered your blog from Tina Su’s site, and just LOVE the articles here! I’ve read 3 so far, but decided to comment on this one.

    As I was reading the title, I was thinking, “I think just about every day almost… just about… no really… really…. yeah…. just about every day has and will be my happiest.”

    I’ve never seen the first quote by Joyce Meyer, but this truly resonated with me. It was a click to my squash my uncertainty when I was trying to figure out which day was my happiest. *smile*

    I was laughing a little because as the human mind tries so furiously to do, I was trying to find the “right” answer!!!–lol!!!! All the while, I was certain that each day including today, yesterday and tomorrow are my happiest regardless of what’s going on, I was still thinking I had to remember back to one day!!!!!!!!!!!! -lol How fun!!!!!

    This is a wonderful article!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Megan J.


  14. Robert A.

    Hi Megan, welcome to my blog! =)
    Thanks for the comments.
    I’m really glad that you benefited from the article!

    It’s the power of today, and we can choose to be happy everyday of our life.

    You have a great blog too! And you have a very nice smile =)

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,


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