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Nov 6, 2007 by

Working in IT industry, having access to internet really a big temptation to lose focus at work and surf the net.

From LifeHacker, I got to know some tools to block time-wasting website, either for temporary or permanent. Here is the full article on the tools to be used. The idea for temporary block is using the greasemonkey script to block certain website at certain time of the day.


And what is the website I banned today? my own blog, this blog! I do find it really necessary, being the owner of the blog, I’m really tempted to see the traffic to my blog, finding out the website or what kind of query that people used to find my blog and so on.

Be focus and remove any distractions, both to maintain your integrity and increase your productivity. Maybe you’ll say… “but I’m multitasking…”. Here is what mentioned about multitasking:

Do not multitask. Oh, how I love multitasking. “I’m great at doing many things at once,” I told Kris once. She gave me one of those looks. “No, you’re not,” she said. “You’re great at starting many things at once, but you never actually do any of them.”

Try this tool, it will help you to increase your productivity.

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  1. I like the idea of banning your own blog, I am always tempted to check traffic stats and go to my sites too. It often distracts me from other work I need to get done, so I can understand that it was a good idea to block your blog while your at work.
    .-= Filipina Heart Blog´s last blog ..Remembering Michael Jackson – Inmates Perform Thriller =-.

  2. I am a teenager, so you would think I could care less in the world of writing. Strike one. I am not simply interested in mindless video games, I also read a considerable amount of material.

  3. I have a blog using Blogspot. I would like to ban a specific person from viewing and/or commenting. I am not looking to make the entire blog password-protected or moderate comments.

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