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Today I’m reminded of so many people that I have met in my life that has so much faith in me, even when sometimes I don’t. Some is just a sentence, and some is in a long conversation, but something similar between them is that their statements of their faith in me really encourage me a lot, and it’s something that I will remember all of my life.

From my experience, here are some ways you can express your faith in others

  • “Prophesy” the great future of others

It was a “prophecy” made by my ex-boss, commented on my work when I about to leave his company, “Rob, you have a great attitude, you will be successful in the future!” My journey on becoming successful might still be long but what he said does encourage me a lot to keep and better my attitude and eventually achieve success in my life.

  • Choose to focus on others’ strength

My ex-supervisor, told me, “Rob, if I want, I could point out or emphasize about your weaknesses, but I choose not to, I’m seeing your strength” and he continued on with mentioning about the strength that I have despite of my weaknesses.

  • See their challenges as a potential

It was a long conversation with my friend, that I shared with him about my challenges or weaknesses. But one pattern that I see is his encouragement, how he can make such that all the struggle that I have is actually an advantage for me and a potential to overcome. An example is my financial limitation, and he turned the limitation into an advantage, where he’s also giving me examples of many other great people who is successful but started with the rough time with very much limited financial matters.

I’m really thankful to those persons that I have met in my life, who is having much faith in me. Now, let’s learn to have faith in others around us too.

There is another great article of having faith in others from as well, to check it out, please click here.

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  1. Got here from the article where you commented in 🙂

    Awesome to see that your strengths extend out to even your work here on the blogosphere.

    It’s definitely the time to continue spreading encouragement into other’s lives and have faith in them.

    Daniel | WE

    Daniel Richard | WEs last blog post..How You Can Win Friends and Influence Them Positively

  2. Robert A.

    Hi Daniel,
    Glad to know that you like the article.
    I really enjoy your article man! About building the milestones of the encouragement we’ve got.
    Now it’s time to encourage!
    Thanks for sharing!

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