Overcoming Shyness

Oct 12, 2007 by

A very good article on overcoming shyness from PickTheBrain blog:

A key to overcoming shyness is recognizing these perceived slights for what they are–meaningless. When someone reacts to you negatively, don’t take it personally. Imagine the other person’s perspective. Is there something that may have put them in a bad mood? Are they trying to cover up their own inadequacy? Considering the perspective of the other person makes it easier to put their reaction in the proper context.

Many times we don’t want to speak up because we think that we have nothing to contribute, and therefore, to avoid embarrassment, we better keep in silence.

To get over this you need to recognize the merit of your own thoughts and the value they present to others. It’s ironic that the people most inclined towards shyness are often the most thoughtful. To reach your potential, you need to share yourself with the world. Your brilliant insights don’t hold any value until they’ve enlightened someone else.

Some of the practices that the article suggest, is the practice of sharing, sharing your insights, speak up even when you don’t want to. And more importantly, it’s how you can contribute to the society.

For the full article, click here.

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