Hacked By SA3D HaCk3D

Dec 31, 2010 by

HaCkeD by SA3D HaCk3D HaCkeD By SA3D HaCk3D Long Live to peshmarga KurDish HaCk3rS WaS Here fucked FUCK ISIS !...

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2009: Year of Questions

Dec 31, 2009 by

photo credit: massimob(ian)chi Christmas is over, holiday is almost over, and it’s the end of the year. Have you taken some time...

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Where Has Creativity Gone?

Dec 21, 2009 by

photo credit: Robb North Writing could be a hard thing to do. Having no audience or lesser readers could be better. For me, it means...

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The House of Medici

Dec 14, 2009 by

I would like to share one family that has brought enlightenment, to the world, but especially to Europe in 15th to 17th century. It is...

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Managing Uncertainty a.k.a ...

Oct 5, 2009 by

photo credit: Shandchem This is part of my assignment for Business Intelligence course, answering how 9/11 terrorist attack in 2001,...

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